Andrew & Kate

Andrew & Kate

We got married in September 2015 and in the lead up to the wedding there were dozens of things to think about, not the least of which was the first dance.

We wanted to do something special, not just a basic waltz or the slow dances we’d seen other couples do at their weddings. The problem with that was that neither of us had any idea how to dance and even less idea of how to start learning.

When we first started working with Sandy we discussed our goals for taking lessons, whether we just wanted to learn a choreographed dance or learn how to dance and then learn the choreography. Over 16 lessons he taught us the basic steps, timing, rhythm before showing us how to string it all together into actual dances – foxtrot, swing, salsa. When we finally picked a song for our wedding, he put together a great choreography and showed us how to put on a show for our guests, and how to understand the dance rather than just going through the steps.

At our wedding, the room and the music weren’t perfect and 4 months earlier we’d never danced, but thanks to Sandy the dance went perfectly and our friends and family loved it.

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