Jackie & Mike

Jackie & Mike

One of the most special memories from our wedding was the first dance. My husband and I loved getting the reaction from our friends and family as we whirled through the turns and dips we practiced. We kept it a surprise. Everyone was shocked because we are not dancers by any stretch, and yet here we were switching between the waltz and foxtrot.


We worked wth Sandy for about ten lessons. I don’t do anything last minute so I made sure we had plenty of time to practice before the wedding. We spread the lessons out over 3-4 months, ending a month before our actual wedding. Sandy was so flexible and accommodating with our schedule.


We had a few songs in mind but he explained timing, rhythm and helped us understand why some songs are better than others. He taught us so many different styles and steps in the process of figuring out what the final dance would be. It was great because we weren’t just learning steps for our wedding (we did that too) we learned how to dance in general. Now at all of our friends weddings we use our steps Sandy taught us.


For anyone who doesn’t want the same old boring slow dance for their first moments as a married couple, I can’t recommend Sandy enough. He loves what he does and is happy to help others learn to love it too.

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